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Queen's Annual Appeal - February 2019
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Approximately one third of all Queen’s students require financial assistance. With the Ontario government’s newly announced cuts to student assistance, we know this figure will rise. Meet two students who benefit from the generosity of alumni. Learn how they plan to make a global impact.

Shelby Percival, Law’20, has first-hand knowledge of the discrimination Indigenous Canadians face at the hands of our justice system. She is training to become a lawyer – and eventually a Supreme Court justice – so she can reform the system, correct the injustices she has seen and experienced, and give Indigenous Canadians the voice they currently lack.

Aysha Tabassum, Comm’22, was visiting family in Bangladesh when she realized that girls there don’t have the same access to mentorship and career guidance that she has in Canada. She is cultivating the expertise and connections she needs to start a foundation that will expand their opportunities and improve their lives.

With your gift, you will help us ensure that Shelby, Aysha, and thousands of students like them have the resources they need to make important, necessary changes that will benefit millions for generations to come.

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