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Shelby and Aysha are the very best of what we have always believed Queen’s students can be. They are visionary leaders who imagine a brighter future and are marching fearlessly toward it. But there are significant obstacles in their path. Shelby says, “I have lofty goals, and they would have remained just dreams if I hadn’t received financial assistance.”

Shelby adds, “After Queen’s, I want to be a criminal crown attorney. Ultimately, I would like to sit on the Supreme Court. I am not only female, I am also Indigenous. And I know that if you want change in the legal system, you have to go all the way up. And that’s something I would like to play a part in.” 

And Aysha shares her goals, “What I want to do after university is and other people like myself with unique stories who can go [to Bangladesh] and connect with young people who want to make a difference and help them figure out how to do that.”

With your gift, you will help us ensure that Shelby, Aysha, and thousands of students like them have the resources they need to make important, necessary changes that will benefit generations to come. Please make your gift today! 

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