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The Queen's Commerce Bursary Fund

The Queen's Commerce Bursary Fund was established to assist Smith School of Business to provide bursary funding to eligible students. Tuition is now over $19,000 in the first year of the Commerce program. Affordable education is essential to ensure all prospective students have access to the Queen's education, experiences, friendships and community. Your gift will make the difference between a student choosing Queen's or not.

Thanks to the following students who have made their "COMMitment 2019" contribution: 

Morgan Adams, Hark Ahluwalia, Hisham Al Guindy, Sophia Asheber, Michael Benzinger, Nicole Boland, Julie Boyle, Adam Carnicelli, Emily Carter, Sheyenne Chapman, Vanessa Cherepacha, Jake Clements, Adrienne Cote, Keira Crook, Brennan Cruse, Daniel D'Alessandro, Paige Day, Angela Ding, Jordan Flanigan, Maddie Gaasenbeek, Adam Gage, Jessica Galli, Rohan Gandhi, Brittney Gerlock, Rylee Grace, Cameron Graham, Sarah Hackett, Claire Haliburton, Elliot Hall, Adam Hunter, Danielle Kalbfleisch, Regan Keay, Madeline Kerkovius, Adam Klingbaum, Rachel Krisko, Sophie Labrosse, Megan Latham, Annie Leblanc, Georgian Levitt, Yixuan (Michelle) Li, Grant Lillie,  Katherine Lei, Jeremy Li, Vanessa Lin, Megan Long,Christy Ma, Cierra Madore, Ioulia Malamoud, Philip Mazurek, Sabiha Meghji, Evan Metelski, Cameron McWatt, Callum O'Hanlon, Julia Perlotto, Julia Principe, Steve Renaud, Addie Robertson, Gillian Rooney, Aislin Roth, Ryan Saunders, Scott Schiffner, Hetesh Seth, Ben Sioskin, Alastair Smiley, Raji Sran, Claire Strickland, Brendan Stevenson, Jaclyn Sucharda, Cory Turk, Kate Usher, Nathan Witteveen, Song Yi, Martin Yin, Jennifer Xie, Newton Zheng

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