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Welcome to the Queen’s Web Development Club (QWeb) giving page. This is our second year of operation and we have big plans for the year! In one year we have grown from 0 members to almost 100 and hope to continue providing this incredible learning opportunity to as many students as we can.

QWeb’s Goals for 2018-2019 are ambitious but we believe we can pull it off with support from generous donors like you and a lot of hard work.

Our mission is to provide hands-on learning opportunities for students looking to gain experience in the field of web development. In the process of teaching these students, we give back to the community by offering an otherwise expensive service free of charge. This allows us to support various charities and student groups within our community.

For Students:
Students at QWeb are given hands-on learning opportunities. Through a mixture of workshop and project based training, our students learn how to develop effective websites that meet the industry standards.
For Community Projects, Charitable Organizations and Small Business:
QWeb believes in giving back. As students, the best way we can do this is by giving our time and expertise to organizations that may not have the budget to build an online presence.

For the Technology Community at Queen's:
QWeb aims to take the first steps to connect Queen's tech clubs and tackle projects that no single organization could handle. The goal of this initiative is to foster innovation and create a network of talented students who are ready to begin their careers in the tech industry.

Thank you for your interest in our club. Please support QWeb today!

Contact Information
Michelle Pruefer
Program Manager
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