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Welcome to The Queen’s Journal’s giving page!

As one of the oldest continuously publishing student newspapers in the country, we are pleased to offer you a new way to support the next generation of Canadian journalism.

Since 1873, The Journal has provided hands-on journalism experience to the dozens of students we employ each year and the dozens more who contribute, many of whom have gone on to populate the newsrooms of the world’s most trusted outlets. As the only editorially autonomous news publication on campus, we provide experiential learning for young reporters to develop their skills through a variety of opportunities. The Journal gives staff and volunteers the tools to contribute to our campus and build their portfolios with high quality content. Without a journalism school at Queen’s, The Journal has become a de facto education for our editors, staff writers, photographers, videographers, and contributors.

Our alumni’s success consistently appears in every major Canadian media outlet, where many of our staff have gone on to enjoy impactful careers using the skills they shaped here.

Your continued support can allow The Journal to produce another Editor-in-Chief at The Globe and Mail, an investigative reporter at The Toronto Star, or a national correspondent for The National Post—to name a few. Our alumni and reporters are consistently recognized for their outstanding contributions to journalism and have won national awards ranging from the Goff Penny award for best young journalist in Canada and the Fraser MacDougall prize for best new voice in Canadian human rights reporting. We’re proud of our past and are eager to strive for more.

The Queen’s Journal is an important part of Canada’s media legacy, but wider downturns in print media and shifting needs from media consumers have forced us to adapt in recent years.

While The Journal has been able to return to a stronger financial position since seeing the Student Choice Initiative overturned in provincial court, we have a tremendous amount of room to grow. While supporting our tireless staff and producing reliable, relevant content is our primary mandate, we want to do more. A strong journalism school doesn’t solely teach print news skills. It equips young minds with the ability to produce podcasts, videos, and photography. It provides them with financially sustainable opportunities at local media outlets, which are offering fewer opportunities than ever before.

COVID-19 has also presented previously unseen challenges to The Journal, on both editorial and business sides of our operations. In adapting to make remote work accessible and sustainable, your assistance will help improve how we support our hardworking staff in this challenging environment and allow us to continue to grow. Our advertising clients are also suffering from the economic impacts of the pandemic, so your support could help supplement lost revenue.

Your gift today can help us adapt to an evolving media landscape and reach our full potential as an outlet, giving you a key role to play in our paper’s story.

Please make your gift to The Journal today. Your generosity will support a student journalist’s education. It’s an investment in professional, credible journalism for years to come.

Thank you,

Raechel Huizinga, Editor in Chief, and Matt Scace, Managing Editor

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