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The Gael Force Challenge

One part of the Gael Force Initiative is our commitment to remain transparent with alumni about how donations enhance the operational budget of the team and to be open and honest when we need the alumni’s support through donations.

We have an urgent need this year to support athletic financial awards (athletic scholarships) for Gaels Football student-athletes. Many student-athletes rely on this support to help get them through school, and the OUA and Queen's Athletics & Recreation is committed to continuing to ensure that our student-athletes have the athletic financial award support that was committed to them as part of the recruitment process and throughout their time as a Gael.

Athletic financial awards are the number one funding priority for the team as the Red Banner Society (RBS) has committed to supporting coaching positions for the next three years. As you know, the Gael Force Dinner usually raises over $100K and this support is allocated to athletic financial awards for the team. Due to COVID, we were not able to host the Gael Force Dinner in 2020 or 2021.

Queen’s Football has set a goal to support a minimum of 22 student-athletes annually. The Gael Force Challenge is an opportunity for you to work together with your teammates to invest in your connection to the program and help us accomplish this goal.

One slot at a time we will power Queen’s Football.

- Coach Snyder


  • Work together with your era to support Queen’s Football student-athletes by funding athletic financial awards
  • Create a bond between eras by coming together as the Gael Force to support a minimum of 22 student-athletes per year.
  • Power the competitive standard for Queen’s Football by investing in the academic and athletic success of our student-athletes.

Goal: Help us DRIVE the ball down the field

  • Set a goal within your era and work collaboratively with all alumni to contribute to the Gael Force Challenge of filling 22 slots with pledge commitments of 3 to 5 years.
  • These 22 slots account for $110K - similar to the 110 yards to reach the End Zone.
  • This will help us develop a proactive program to support student-athletes.

Example of how to work together with your era

  • Set a goal with your era and come together to fill the slots
  • Break down cost of commitments
  • Choose what works best for your budget and work as a team. You may decide to make a 3 to 5 year pledge, $5,000 annually to complete a slot on your own, or you may work as a team of 10 and each donate $500 annually. The contribution options and collaboration possibilities are endless. Below are some examples for your consideration.
Slot Group Ideas Annual Donation
1 Person Slot $5000
2 Person Slot $2500
3 Person Slot $1667
4 Person Slot $1250
5 Person Slot $1000
10 Person Slot $500
20 Person Slot $250

How to donate:

  • Find your era page from the navigation bar on the right
  • Click on the link
  • Read a message from your era captain and look at the thermometer on your page that demonstrates how much your era has raised together. It is the collective amount that is important! Check back on this page to see the Gael Force impact that all Gaels Football alumni have on the program today!
  • Click on the Give Now button and follow steps to make your donation.
  • Donations can be made annually or monthly – you choose what works best with your budget
  • Contact us using the link on the right of the page if you have any questions or require assistance 

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