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No one accomplishes anything great by themselves. 

The question is, would you be willing to donate $5, $10, $15, or $20 a month to support your team? To you, that may be a coffee, or a happy hour outing, or a ticket to the movies each month. You may not think that something as small as $5 can make a difference, but collectively it absolutely can. 

It could mean the best equipment, funds to travel to National Championships, extra team activities, exhibition games, or comprehensive training programs. The point is, 100% of donations from the 100% IN campaign will subsidize areas of need for your team. 

The campaign also provides teams with the opportunity to win monetary prizes based on 3 categories; 1) Highest participation percentage amongst eligible alumni that donate; 2) Most pledges received by a team; and 3) Most funds raised by a team (pledges will count towards the total amount for a team). 

Each prize is worth an additional $1000.00 of support. 

This is not about doing a lot. This is about doing what you can.

The Gaels are 100% IN...Are You?

Please contact Michael LeClair via email for questions about how to make your donation.

Please find your Varsity Team or Club from the giving opportunities on the right of this page.